Ultimate Uniform Fit-outs

From corporate lawyers, IT experts, trendy baristas to local soccer teams and hard-working tradies. We’ve got uniforms and PPE sorted, suited and fitted. The Fashion police love us, and we’re positive you will too.

Well, don't you look smart!

Your staff are an extension of your company’s image and we specialise in helping smarten your corporate image! Let Get Smart maximize the potential of each and every one of your team with our comprehensive uniform design solution.

We have a variety of solutions we can tailor to meet your needs. Our Merchandise Management Program is designed to take the stress out of managing your uniform requirements. We are there to make it easy; from product selection, uniform fit-outs, and collating, through to the IT, order management, stock control and reporting, we do it all.

Employees simply order online with their unique user ID and, hey presto! they receive their selected uniform items on their desk. Easy for you, and so it should be. We’ll even analyse your metrics, finding your bestsellers, proposing fresh ideas based off of the results. Keeping your team worry-free, crease-free and most importantly, looking as cool as a cucumber.

Transform your Team with GS

It's not just about comfort but also professionalism. With Get Smart, you can rock the best uniforms in town and show off that epic brand of yours.

Not only do uniforms make your team look professional, they help build your brand and can instil a sense of pride within your team.

We offer the largest range of decoration methods to showcase your unique style - Embroidery, screenprint, Sublimation or even something completely unique.

Our Merchandise Management Program gives you complete control over your uniform processes without all the logistical headaches and stress.

We decorate, warehouse, manage admin and organise the distribution while you save on time, money and resources. We'll make uniforming hassle-free.

National distribution is hard and complex, so let us do it. Get Smart will ensure you get the right merchandise, to the right places, at the right time, every time.

PPE & Work Wear

Don't forget about your Safety Gear!

We provide industry leading personal protection equipment and high-quality industry work wear. Going as far as offering products that have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This means they’re up to ours, and the rest of Australia’s standards when it comes to quality – Facemasks, gowns, nitrile gloves and practical scrubs for our medical nurses and doctors is just the tip of the iceburg. Don’t forget about the tough-as-nails industry apparel and gear, including bright hi-vis shirts, steel cap boots, safety helmets and transit bags for those who are working in remote areas. Covering all the bases, we work hard to make your hard work easier.

Here are a few ideas of what we can provide:

Sport Jerseys


Polos & Shirts

Health & Medical


Hi-Vis Workwear

Smarten up your corporate image with our fast fit-outs

Get Smart developed, sourced and delivered a huge range of high-quality apparel and merchandise with a custom IT solution system. Designed specifically to streamline logistics, distribution and reporting across 37 locations, to not just meet the clients brief but to exceed expectations, save money and resources. We hit the nail on the head, then built the whole house – resulting in expanded brand awareness, increased park revenue and enhanced visitor experience.