Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

We’ve got mountains of environmentally friendly and sustainable promotional products. So you’ll always have an eco-choice in every situation. Happy customers, happy environments. Woohoo!

“We only work with suppliers we know do things in the right way,

and that we’re proud to partner with.

Michele Ford, General Manager, Get Smart Promo

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Doing things well and doing things right

At Get Smart Promo, offering sustainable promotional products isn’t a company mission to do social good – it’s a business imperative.

We’re committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability and will only do business with those singing from the same song sheet. That’s why we vet all suppliers to ensure they source responsibly and invest in sustainable practices. Our promise to you? The products that bear your name don’t come with a chequered past, rather one bursting with things done right.

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The importance of sustainable products

Consumers are moving away from brands that don’t reflect their personal values – and at the top of that personal value list is protecting the environment. Our wide range of environmentally-friendly, sustainable products means you’ll always have an eco-choice. The result? Happy environment, happy customers. It’s a win-win.

Australian consumers and businesses are concerned about environmental sustainability

of Australian consumers and businesses are actually doing something about it

of consumers are willing to pay a premium for environmentally-sustainable products

kilograms of recycled plastic being used since 2000, diverting almost 5000 tractor-trailer loads of plastic from reaching oceans or landfills.

The percentage of global respondents who felt strongly that companies should help improve the environment.

73% of consumers said they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

The study revealed that the majority of Australian consumers are either highly or somewhat willing to pay more for products that are environmentally-friendly or sustainable (62%), contain organic or all-natural ingredients (59%) or carry social responsibility claims (55%).

In Australia, environmental issues are a major concern to 77% of households.

Source: Nielsen Changing Consumer Prosperity study – 2019